Sunday, April 13, 2014


In movies and books and sometimes general conversation, people tend to create two groups of the "type of people in the world". Hopeless romantics versus realists, push overs versus the pushers, the leaders versus the followers, the loved versus the lovers. There are a million different ways to categorize human beings, and none of them are spot on. Because there are people in between the categories and people beyond. There are too many dynamics in the human soul for all of us to be categorized in two single groups.
However, what I have noticed is how one does the categorizing in their own head about the people around them. It is not sectioning like the ones previously listed though. It's different. For me, I have people put into categories of who i would tell secrets to, who i would hang out with beyond the classroom, who is small talk, who is vast in conversation. But then i realized all of these factors of sectioning I have in my head play into a much larger picture: who will I keep in my life after high school versus who I will let go and not care.
It's absurd how quickly humans can replace one another. I saw a couple of three years break up about two weeks ago. They both already have significant others. Whether it is rebound or a result of hidden feelings, we are able to find a replacement for the affection we are falling short of. And it makes me sad.
This time in two years I will be more than half way through my freshmen year of college and the chances of me keeping in touch with half of the people i care about right now is slim to none. And it's not mainly because I don't care about them enough, there is just a lack of odds being in favor of our friendship. I may have different best friends, a different boyfriend and different people that I hate.
In a snap things change. People change. The categories will reset and I will have new people to section off.
People are strange. The way we function and our needs are strange. It astounds me how much we crave each other. How much we thrive off one another. Teenagers my age now a days Tweet about how much they hate people, but there they are tweeting their thoughts for the retweets and approval of all the people they so call "hate". If you hate everyone, then lock yourself in your room, delete your social media and become lonely. You just don't hate everyone. You go to school, you socialize. There are some kids that when they say it, I believe them because they are that kid that doesn't speak and barely pays attention to the bullshit around them, But here's the thing, they don't have a Twitter and they aren't complaining to anyone. The girls I see tweeting about how they hate people are the popular cheerleaders or the girls in class who do not shut up.
I don't hate people, I hate teenagers. And I'm not afraid to get rid of a majority of them in my life.
I do not know what the direction of this post was.

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